Realty Café Room

Are You Looking to Rent or Buy a Secondary Villa Jasmina?

If you are looking to rent or to buy a secondary house, please consider Villa Jusmina bring elegancy into your life by living in a house with stunning brand new contemporary design for sales in Cambodia. Perfectly suitable for the New Khmer generation or for those who are looking for an eco-friendly more relaxed break of traditional norms, new concepts of richness of design and modern age thinking, without lacking of practicality and luxury. A relaxed feeling to interiors with minimal lines and less “stuff” and materials of the exterior that blend harmoniously with nature around your home in contemporary styles.

Nice Features

  • House Size         7.6m x 12m
  • Bedroom             4
  • Bathroom            5
  • Living Room       1
  • Dinning Room    1
  • Kitchen                 1
  • Maidroom            1
  • Parking Space     1


  • The Star Platinum Paradigm
  • The Star Emerald II
  • The Star Platinum Rosato
  • The Star Platinum Mercurean I