Realty Café Room

Are You Looking to Rent or Buy a Secondary Shop House?

If you are looking to rent or to buy a secondary house, please consider starting or owning a small business? Absolutely loyal to the idea of the shop house A, commonly found throughout the historic cities of SE Asia, this housing type can be used for both business and living. Modernity and simplicity that are reflecting the dynamics of everyday life, are the key features of the design for sales in Cambodia. Straight, clean lines and the importance of natural light as a major principle of the modern interior design. Large windows, floor to ceiling panorama windows not only allow nature to be a background for the interior but let in an abundance of natural light and also as an attempt to blur the boundary between the inside and the outside whilst maintaining a strong sense of distinction between privacy for dwelling and openness for doing business.

Nice Features:

  • House Size         5.1m x 16m / 5m x 14m
  • Bedroom             4
  • Bathroom            5
  • Living Room       1
  • Dinning Room    1
  • Kitchen                 1
  • Parking Space     1