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Are You Looking to Rent or Buy a Secondary Twin Villa?

If you are looking to rent or to buy a secondary house, please consider experience all the key features of grandness and that are included in the single villa, living in a Villa Twin but in a more affordable price. Villa Twin C is basically 2 single Villas that share a common wall with 2 separate owners and two courtyards in Cambodia. Two large houses which are identical and adjacent, are suitable enough to serve and accommodate the extended Khmer family to live in harmony. With the emphasis on having your own place but with the benefits of togetherness, Villa Twin C is coming with a design of clean lines and smooth surfaces with simple decorative elements to an everlasting contemporary style for sales in Cambodia.

Nice Features

  • House Size         5m x 12m
  • Bedroom             4
  • Bathroom            5
  • Living Room       1
  • Dinning Room    1
  • Kitchen                 1
  • Parking Space     1